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Memoir of a Soul's Journey
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IN THIS INSPIRING BOOK, Patty Paul relates the fascinating stories of more than thirty of her other lifetimes and the living, breathing relationship each one has with the  lifetime she is now living. The ties that bind them are the unresolved issues and suppressed emotions they have in common.

As the author describes each soul-guided meditation in which she meets another lifetime, gets to know and understand it, then integrates it into their truer self—a more expanded and enlightened state of wholeness—she shares her life-changing experiences.

This book, unlike most others about reincarnation, is based upon the premise that all lifetimes are happening now—not in the past or the future—but right now within the multi-dimensional levels of consciousness that exist far beyond the time and space boundaries of the physical realm.

The author uses the analogy of a multiplex cinema with different movies playing on 1,000 screens at once—and choosing which to experience and in what order.

As they unfold in the telling, the author’s lifetime stories in this book—each so unexpected and unique—clearly demonstrate the value of exploring other lifetimes as a way to accelerate one’s spiritual journey of self-discovery…

 …and why this book is such an entertaining and important read.

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Praise for Exploring Other Lifetimes...

“What  makes this wonderful memoir so unusual is that Patty Paul is writing about not one, but multiple lifetimes of experience, and sharing wisdom and insight from each. It is a mind-expanding book to read.
 I enthusiastically recommend it.”
...BARNET BAIN, producer of What Dreams May Come (film), and author of The Book of Doing and Being

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“This book is a great deal more than the fascinating stories of Patty Paul’s other lifetimes, for she also shows us how each lifetime she explores relates to her current life and is a piece of the bigger picture of her soul’s journey. As her colorful prose pulls us into her adventures, we are taken into her past life experiences  and their respective worlds.”

...SHAWN RANDALL, MA, internationally renowned lecturer, channel, and author of Connecting with Your Higher Self

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"Paul wastes no time setting up her memoir's structure, creating a highly unique and engaging book...(she) uses simple, readable language in an effective contrast to her unusual subject matter. An intriguingly creative take on the traditional memoir. Paul's work is as unique as it is interesting. Each one of Paul's lives is deeply explored..."

...CRITIC'S REPORT/The BookLife prize

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"As Patty Paul shares her adventures beyond our earthly boundaries, she reveals the scope and the immense beauty of the human spirit. Her book is a reminder that if we are willing to knock on dimensional doorways, an endless journey of self-discovery awaits. and if we dare, we too can fall in love with our courage, commitment, and our continual pursuit of the sacred within ourselves. Thank you, Patty Paul for sharing your journey of healing and for shining a reminding light into each of us to do the same."

...ANN E. BOSSINGHAM, metaphysical teacher, trance-channel and healer

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"I love the variety of lifetimes described in this book, along with the beautiful insights and gems of wisdom shared in these stories. It's unlike anything I've come across in my 'spiritual adventure' reading."

...KENDRA LANGETEIG, PhD, author of The New Asian Home, and essays and stories about mystical experience

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TITLE:  Exploring Other Lifetimes

SUBTITLE:  Memoir of a Soul’s Journey

AUTHOR:  Patty Paul

GENRE:  OCC022000: Body, Mind & Spirit/Afterlife & Reincarnation · New Age Nonfiction

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ISBN (PRINT):  978-0-9-9642726-0-6

PRICE:  $16.99


FORMAT:  5.5” x 8/5”

Perfect-Bound · Trade Paperback

COVER:  Matte Laminate

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ISBN (eBook):  978-0-9642726-1-3

PRICE:  $6.99

PUBLICATION and ON-SALE DATE:  June 15, 2021


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